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January 2014

What is the point of our life?

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What is the point of our life?

What is the point of our blessings?  Just for us to hoard and have all to ourselves?

Or do little blessings come into our lives for us to learn, grow, and then turn around and bless others?

I firmly believe EVERY day we need to find a way to make someone else’s life better – even in a small way.

How difficult is it for us to smile at someone else?  Or maybe just ask how they are doing – really doing…..?

Not difficult at all – but we need to do it!

Can we do small things that make big impacts on others?…. YES WE CAN!!

Not only can we, but I have a firm belief that we should be doing this every day.  It doesn’t have to be anything big but it does need to become part of who we are.

The point of our lives is to help others, bless others, and serve in any way we can serve.  Bottom line.

When we look inward too much we get selfish, greedy, jealous, and easily frustrated.  When we look outward, we start to see the bigger picture, we relate with others, and we see that we can help those around us each day.

As a teacher, I always say at the end of class as the students are leaving – “Go make someone’s life better”.

So today – I challenge us all to live this simple thing out in a real way.   Find a way (even one small way) to bring joy and blessing to others.  Truly, we are blessed in our lives to bless others…let’s do it!

—Rachel Curtis

You are NOT a failure!!

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So, it’s the last week of January, how are you doing with the many goals and resolutions you set January 1st?

Are you reaching those goals? Are you succeeding?  Or…do you feel discouraged?  Do you feel like a failure…yet again?  Probably so.  We have all been down this road.

Here is what happens….we set goals, we try, we mess up, then we  immediately feel like a failure and we give up.   We throw in the towel and just say “forget it, I will never get it right.”

Been there?  Are you there now?  STOP!!

STOP judging your worth based on if you can keep a goal.  Stop feeling like if you don’t reach x goal than you are a failure.  Stop striving for things that may not even matter in the bigger picture.  Reaching a goal is not the determining factor in your life of being a “good” person or a “successful” person – no – you are worth more than that!!

What is the solution to get out of this cycle we place ourselves in all the time?  The solution is to do what we can do with what we have today.  Doing small things to make small changes that will lead to a change in our thinking.  It starts in the mind in how we view ourselves, and how we view our own worth.  We ARE worth making those small changes for our own health.

You are not a failure just because you didn’t reach your 10lb weight loss goal that you set at the beginning of January.

You are not a failure if you feel less organized than when you started this month.

You are not a failure if you missed a workout or 2 or 10.

You are wonderful, worthy, and if you will stop long enough to acknowledge just how much that is the TRUTH, you will be more kind to yourself.  Kindness to ourselves is what will lead us to success.  You are a SUCCESS just because you are awake and trying again today!  Keep on keeping on!!

Listening to the heartbeat of others

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I LOVE this quote!!  I love talking to someone who I can tell is actually listening to my heart.  It makes me feel that they care, and that they would drop anything and everything just to hear what my heart has to say.

But….let’s be honest – most of us are not very good listeners.

You know what we all do instead…normally??  We tend to do one of the following:

1) Think about how we can help “fix” that person with what we say next

2) Let our eyes glaze over and act like we are listening

3) Respond with a comparison to our own lives and we actually think they want to hear that

4) LISTEN with compassion and understanding

We all struggle to do number 4, but wouldn’t it be a better world if we did?  What if we all took the time to look at someone in the eyes, and “listen” to what their hearts were saying.  Not what words are coming from their mouths but to listen to what they are really trying to “say”.

You see, I believe that we all have a very important story to share with those around us.  We share our stories by the lives we lead, the words we say, and how we act towards those around us each day.

If we never take the time to listen to the people around us, our lives won’t be enriched by what their hearts have to say.

The heartbeat of a person is their life.  When we go to the doctor, the doctor listens to our heart as an indicator of our health.   The doctor makes us hold very still and he patiently listens for the heart beat.  When our heart is beating normally – we feel well!

This is how I feel it “looks” when we listen to someone else!  How is their heartbeat of life?  Sad, happy, at peace, troubled?   What are they REALLY trying to say to us?

So why am I posting this and connecting it to patience?  Because TRUE listening means setting aside our own timelines, our agendas, our wants, and patiently putting someone ELSE above ourselves for their benefit.  Listening to their heartbeat and checking on their health!!

Whew – tough stuff, but oh how we will be blessed if we will do so.

Patient hearts, patient lives, and patient people – what a difference it will make!!

— Rachel Curtis

Accept yourself!!

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I love to read leadership books.  A quote I read this morning really stuck out to me.  He said it a bit differently, so I changed it to more of what I believe:

“It is impossible to act inconsistently with how you see yourself. It will only end in frustration. Find out who you are and accept yourself. Good actions will follow.”  

Stop trying to be like everyone else.  It will never work.  God made only ONE of you.  Only YOU are YOU.  When we don’t accept ourselves, we are actually criticizing the handiwork of God.

So, why can self-acceptance be such a struggle?  How can we stop this viscous cycle of self-hate and criticism?

Start small, start saying kind things to yourself, and start acting consistent to the wonderful person God created you to be – today!

**Challenge – look in the mirror and say just one KIND thing about who you are.  Practice, practice, practice.  It will lead to a more positive life and positive actions towards others.

I have a firm belief that we will NEVER feel peace until we accept ourselves – every part, the good, the bad and the ugly!  Once we can accept ourselves, we will be FREE.

As the quote above says- our actions will then be consistent with who we are, and how we feel about ourselves.  So let’s accept ourselves today!!

God doesn’t make mistakes and He LONGS for us to accept ourselves for who we are.  He made us worth more than rubies!!

-Rachel Curtis

What is my purpose?

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Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life?  

Have you taken the time to really think about it? 

Most of us have asked this question at some point or another, and we might have reached a conclusion that our purpose is something dealing with our jobs, or our roles, or WHAT we do. We search and search for our “purpose in life”.   NEWS FLASH – our purpose in life is not some mystery to be found.  God didn’t hide our purpose and ask us to search for it.  He is very simple to say that our purpose is to glorify Him.  Bottom line.

When we tie our purpose to WHAT we do, it is an incorrect way to think about our purpose.  Let’s try something else…

I better question to ask, is WHO am I?

Who we are leads to what we do.  Let’s let that sink in….WHO we are leads to WHAT we do.  Two things that are tied together that leads us to our mission every day.

When we have a good understanding of the person that God has created us to be, we can better understand our purpose.

As we find out more and more WHO we are on the inside, then our outer lives start to reflect our priorities, our values, and our focus.

We start to make better decisions for our health, our family, and ourselves!

We will also live in more grace, and we live with more authenticity towards those around us.

Who we are triggers what we do.

So, what is the point?  What is our purpose?

Our sole purpose is to determine who we are in God’s eyes.

When we do this, we will experience an incredible peace and solid sense of self-worth.

We will not feel the need to compare ourselves to those around us because we will be confident in the person that God has made us to be.  We will live for a great purpose.

We will be healthier, more peaceful, and enjoy our life every day.

Make the effort to work on yourself from the inside-out.  Find out who you are and let that guide you in your purpose each day.

Let’s BE the best person we can be, and our actions will follow!!

Who we are triggers what we do.  

–Have a blessed Friday!

Rachel Curtis


The Trust Fall – Your LIFE

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Have you ever been out on a ropes course and done the TRUST fall?

This is the activity where a group of people (maybe even some you just met) stand with their arms intertwined, and you stand on a platform – facing backwards.  While you stand there, you are supposed to cross your arms, say “falling” and then the people say “fall on” and you close your eyes, lean back, and TRUST that these people will not let you fall to the ground.

If you haven’t ever done this, it is QUITE the experience.  It requires so much trust!!  Every person is asked to be the one on the platform, so as everyone can experience the feeling of letting their safety lie in the hands of others.  This activity is powerful for 2 very important reasons and lessons we can utilize in life:

1) The people CATCHING the faller have to be responsible, strong, focused, and trustworthy

2) The person FALLING has to trust, communicate, and place their safety in the hands of others. Then, they have to take action and lean back, let go of all security and fall!!

This is just like our lives!  We are all standing on a platform every day, and we are asked by God to trust in Him.  He asks that we let go of all security as we know it, and trust in Him and fall.  Why is this so difficult?  It shouldn’t be!!   Am I the only one that struggles with letting go of my own control and FALLING into His arms?  I don’t know why I would question Him.  The ONE catching us is responsible, strong, focused, and trustworthy.  Plus, He knows what is best for us.  BUT – we still have trouble trusting in Him!

I have thought long and hard about why this may be so tough for us.  I don’t think that is a problem with the catcher.  In fact – I know it is not a problem with the catcher.  He is strong and trustworthy!!  No – it is a problem with the faller (and that is us)!

As the “faller” do we trust, communicate, and then take the action to let go?  I am not just talking about “saying that we trust God”.  I am talking the real deal.  Do we REALLY trust and show that with our actions in our life?  Taking action to let go is the most difficult part.  We want to be in control.  We want to know every detail of the outcome.  Turning that over to someone else is difficult.

BUT – until we learn to do this, we will never experience the FREEDOM of letting God lead our lives.  He wants to catch us, lead us, and move us forward in the direction in which we need to go each day.  He never forces it.  No, he gives us that choice.  Will we fall from our platform of control into His loving arms?  We can rest in the fact that He is responsible, strong, focused, and trustworthy!

Falling is truly the path to freedom – let’s all fall today!!

– Have a blessed week

Rachel Curtis

Getting healthy is hard!!!! Or is it?

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“Why is this so hard?”

“Getting healthy is tough!!”

“I just wish it could be a quick fix!”

Can you relate?  Have you said those things? Humor me here a minute!

It’s that time of year…you are probably all geared up to make some positive changes in your life.  You set your goals, you made a plan, you feel excited about all that is ahead.

You may have even done really well these first few days of the New Year, but guess what?  You WILL struggle!  It will get tough, and you will want to completely throw in the towel on it all!!

Yup -I said it – you are going to want to QUIT, you are going to BEAT YOURSELF UP, you are going to feel DISCOURAGED, and you will ultimately  feel like a “failure”  on your goals that you set for yourself if you don’t keep reading and listen to the words…

Why would I say you would feel like a “failure”?

Because most likely, you fell into societies typical resolutions, and you set unrealistic expectations of yourself.

Maybe your resolutions went something like this:

  • I am only going to eat ONLY grilled chicken and green beans
  • I will lose x amount of weight this year
  • I will have have perfect workouts and run a marathon this year
  • I will drink all my water, and
  • The best one  – I will NOT ever have sugar again!

Yes?  Did you say or write these type of resolutions?  

They sound good – but they are not REAL.

  • Do you think you may be asked to attend a gathering where foods other than “healthy” foods are served?
  • Do you think you may go out to eat and eat WAY too many chips?
  • Do you think you may not have the “cleanest” pantry and make some bad choices?
  • Do you think you may splurge when you are stressed?

Yes – all of those things will happen.  And you know what?!?  It is OKAY!!!!  That is life, and that is what is so great about God.  He gives us GRACE and FREEDOM.

Even in the area of food -He gives us GRACE and FREEDOM!

Why?!  Because He knew we would need it!! 

So, as we work on our health – let us acknowledge that it is only as hard as we make it.  If you set yourself up with impossible expectations – it will be VERY hard, but if you will allow yourself some grace, and a chance to be real – you may just find it isn’t quite as difficult as you may have thought!

I have put 5 areas of our health with recommendations that are good to see and follow.  These are not rules, but guidelines that will help you along your journey of FREEDOM!


-Aim for a mind that is focused on Him each day

-Do this through prayer, learning more of His Word, Service to others, and Quiet Time with Him


-At least 30-40 minutes of moderate to high intensity 5 days/wk

-Cardiovascular, Weight Training, Flexibility, & Core Strength


-Quality foods in appropriate amounts are essential to our fitness

-Antioxidants in whole foods fight free radicals that can cause damage in the body, such as asthma, cancer, diabetes

-Vitamins Pills are not the answer as the body doesn’t recognize these

-Whole food nutrition is the answer

-See the website for Information on Juice Plus+ (whole food)


-Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning

-Drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces each day


-Aids in stress reduction

-The body needs time to repair itself (growth hormone released)

-7-9 hours each night


In Him –

Rachel Curtis, Founder P31 Fitness

New Year’s Resolutions-the RIGHT way!

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It is interesting to me to watch people every New Year with fitness and goals. Everyone is “trying” programs to see if they will “work” for them. That is a FUNNY statement to me. Will it work? There is not a magic pill, there is not a magic workout, not a magic program. It is about YOU making the decision that YOU are WORTH the time to truly make the change. To dig deep, to take care of all parts of health, and to admit that it is the habits we have that have caused us to be where we are today. What about just good health habits, a hard workout, working on all parts of health, and taking responsibility for all areas of health?  Stop looking for magic.  Just put in the hard work, dedication, introspection, and discipline. YOU are WORTH it! So… instead of asking if a program  “works”, realize that a program works when YOU work on YOU!!!!

During this time of year, everyone is in the process of making resolutions.  Some are resolving to be more organized, some to lose weight, some to be more disciplined, and the list goes on and on.

The only problem with resolutions is that they tend to only last about 2-3 weeks (maybe a few more if you are really dedicated) and then it is back to old habits, old ways, and a feeling of discouragement arises.

Failure again.  Or so the lies scream….

Let’s try something new -and this year, I want to challenge you to make resolutions that WILL LAST!

A few guidelines:

Don’t be extreme

Don’t be absolute

Be gracious on yourself

Allow room for mistakes and error

Be patient

Be kind

Here are 10 solid resolutions that you can keep this year!

1) Begin each day on your knees and give the day toGOD

2) Do some kind of movement every day

3) Listen to your body!  Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied!

4) Focus on God, others, and ways to serve those around you.

5) Don’t get so caught up in diets and food rules that can get your focus more on yourself than on God

6) Un-clutter your life by praying before committing to activities

7)  Journal often

8) Spend time with God and His Word regularly

9) Love and serve others as if serving God

10) Live for an Audience of One – seek the approval of God alone

Our program, P31 Fitness empowers women of all ages and fitness levels to experience freedom Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically through a unique fitness environment.  All women should feel empowered to be all that God has
created us to be each day. May we all work on creating realistic goals for the New Year for this year!

Nutrition:   One area we truly can all make improvements upon is in the area of nutrition.  P31 Fitness asks that you take a new approach to nutrition – called “Listen and Lose”.

Have you ever gotten all geared up for a new “diet,” done well for a few days, and then fallen off the wagon?  We have all been there.

Diets seldom work, because they only create more rules for us to follow. With diet rules, it is easy to set yourself up for failure. When “cheating” occurs, it is easy to go off the diet.

Begin to listen to your body. Learn to listen to your basic hunger and fullness scale inside your body. Your body will tell you what and how much you need, if you will just begin to tune in to the hunger and fullness mechanism.  It is about freedom.

Lastly, it is important for young girls and women see their worth and purpose in life.  Because of my own background and struggles with nutrition, fitness, and other areas, I feel I can relate to all types of women. There is an answer to our struggles, and it must be based upon TRUTH!

God created us all special and unique, and He wants us to FEEL worthy and FREE every day.  I believe that we were meant to take care of the bodies that God has given us each day and that when we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to take care of those around us each day.

To learn more about our program, and how to get involved, visit our website: https://p31fitness.com