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February 2014

Balance and Freedom, even with chocolate!!

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Balance and Freedom:  

The KEY to feeling your worth



I LOVE this quote and I love using it in a blog about our health.  You know why? Because it is the exact opposite of what you hear and see in the “health” and fitness world.  BUT it is also the key to our freedom.  You know why many people fail at weight loss or at their goals of getting into shape?  It is not for lack of knowledge, will-power, or ability, it is for lack of freedom.

The moment we tell ourselves we can’t have some food…chocolate for instance…guess what we want?  CHOCOLATE and lots of it 🙂  You know why?  Because that is bondage to rules that are almost impossible to follow.  That is why I posted the quote above.  Moderation and focus lead to balance and freedom.

It is time that we all need to realize something very important in regards to our health and nutrition:  It is not the treats or the extremes, but the everyday habits that make our lives.  This is a powerful statement because we tend to focus on extremes and beat ourselves up over the extra circumstances, when it is really about the day in and day out way that we live.  Are we making good choices most of the time?  Are we doing better today than yesterday?

Are we experiencing true FREEDOM as God has given to us each day?  Legalizing foods and eating things in moderation will make a huge difference in our health.  One (or two) piece of chocolate will not make us fat!  However, lots of chocolate every day will have very negative impacts on our health!  

So, we need a new approach!!

I have dedicated my life to helping women understand their worth is not tied to a number on the scale or a dress size.  Instead, worth is tied to their inner self.  Our outer self, weight, self-esteem, is all based on how we feel about ourself on the inside.  What we feel about ourselves shows on the outside.  Every time.

So, I ask this question:  Do you love yourself?  Do you feel that you are WORTH IT?  God tells us every day that we are worth it  – and it is our job to believe that with our whole heart.


If you don’t feel worth it, may I ask why? What in your past has caused you to feel unworthy?  A person, a circumstance? I know for me it is often my own thoughts.  They come in when I least expect them, and they try to take over my daily life.  Maybe it it doubt, fear, or a self-confidence issue.  Whatever it is, I know that they have the power to make me feel unworthy in a heart beat.  When this happens, my daily goal is to stop those thoughts in their tracks and remind myself of what GOD has said about me.

HE SAYS WE ARE WORTH IT!  And He always speaks truth. 

So, what does all of this have to do with Balance?  EVERYTHING!  In order to be balanced, and experience true freedom in our lives and especially with our health, we have to place our foundation on God first.  When He is our center, our balance will fall into place.  He wants for us to experience freedom unlike we have ever known.  But we must come to Him for that freedom and balance.

So, as we talk about balance this week, remember that it is not about extremes, it is about what we do every day and WHO our focus rests upon – God or self?

–Written by Rachel Curtis

Founder, P31 Fitness

It is your choice!

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Why not?

Why not wake up every day and make the decision to be positive?  What will it hurt?

It is too hard, takes too much effort?

What I have found is the exact opposite in my life.  It actually takes more effort and puts more strain on my life when I am NOT positive.  When I am feeling mad, anxious, grumpy, or am just plain negative, I am TIRED!

It is hard to be a negative person.  It is hard to be around a negative person!

What I know and have learned from my life is that people don’t want to be around those that are negative.  It is a strain and a stress that can be avoided by one thing.  That one thing is our choice!

Let us make the conscious effort to SEEK out ways to help others, serve others, and to bring joy into life!  We can make a difference every day with our attitudes, our words, and our actions.


Let us chose today to be the most positive and enthusiastic person we know.

We will find it is MUCH easier to be positive than to be negative!

Have a wonderful day, go out and change the world!

–Rachel Curtis, Founder P31 Fitness

Are you a good version of you? 

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We spend so much time in this life trying to be like someone else, that we lose track of who we are!  Been there?  Are you there now?

Some questions to ask yourself:

Who are you really?

Do you like who you are?

Are you a good version of you?

What we don’t realize is that when we try to be like someone else, we are robbing the world of a wonderful gift -the gift of our real selves.  We each have something amazing to offer the world, but we have to accept ourselves for who we are, and stop comparing.  We need to know that there is no one else like us, and that we can do amazing things in this life WHEN we embrace our true selves.

Stop trying to conform to others’ standards, and start trying to conform to the person GOD created you to be.  That person is unique, special, and wonderful!!

Short post today, but something that we all need to hear every day.

Go be the best version of yourself.  It will bring instant inspiration to others.

You are worth it and you are wonderful!!

–Rachel Curtis