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March 2014

If hunger is not the problem…

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Why do we think food will fix things in our life?  Have you ever had those thoughts?  Have you ever acted on those thoughts?  I have come to the conclusion that most people have some sort of  “issue” with food.  It is an issue that ties directly to our emotions.  Not many will admit it, but it’s true!

You feel sad, stressed, lonely, frustrated, anxious, happy,  _____ (you fill in the blank), and what do you do?  Turn to food?  Maybe you are a closet binge eater, or maybe you do it in front of others, but in some way, you are using food to try to “fix” something that feels wrong in your life.

It doesn’t work.  It never works.  Food doesn’t fix a problem, and in fact, it is something that satan knows can make things worse when it is used for this purpose.  What happens after you use the food-drug, is that next comes the “oh well” feeling.  That leads to more eating.

Then after that comes the “guilt” feeling.

After the guilt feeling comes the “beating yourself up” feeling.

Then that leads to the “diet/fix it now” feeling with drastic measures.  Then you make promises to yourself to do better, try harder, and never eat certain foods again….right?!?

The quote above is simple but true.  “If hunger isn’t the problem, food isn’t the solution.”  Take that to heart!!! The more we try to use food as a solution, the more problems we create in our lives.   Food doesn’t work.  Food doesn’t work.

Let’s all try to take a step back the next time food seems like a good solution to whatever we are feeling.  Think about how it will make us feel AFTER we eat it instead of how we think it will make us feel at the moment.  That one thing can make a huge difference in our choices.

Above all, may we all be challenged to remember that satan can work in powerful ways even in this area of food.   God wants our hearts.  He wants our whole heart – let’s turn to Him!!  May we be on our guard in this area and deal with our REAL issues at hand, and not try to cover them with food.

Our solutions will come when we acknowledge our real problems!  Food is not the answer – we can do this!!

-Written by Rachel Curtis