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April 2014

Are we SERIOUS about changing our eating? By Cheryl Graves

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Article by Cheryl Graves
If we’re serious about wanting to live healthy lives, we must be more mindful about the daily choices we make. Too many people want the benefits and results of a healthy life but fall short by making UNhealthy choices each day.
We, humans are ridiculous like that! We make Negative Choices, expecting Positive Results! For example, there are basically two choices when you’re confronted with an eating decision. Choose HEALTHY and you Feel one way. But choose UNHEALTHY, and you Feel an entirely different way.
Can I ask for you to notice that I never refer to your Choices as a way of DIEting!  GOD created food for the Purpose of Fueling what HE had created for HIS Purpose! When I go to make food choices, myself, I look at them as Healthy or UNhealthy! Which helps me be reminded what food was crested for. Keeping my attitude towards food in perspective! Food falls under the Physical need in the Power of 4, NOT the Emotional or Mental! Ponder on that for a Moment. Have you gotten food totally out of its Context and Purpose?
We all are sitting right now where our CHOICES put us!  Every health choice you make is a lot like opening a door. Some doors lead you to a new and healthier life, and some doors lead you to more of the same life you’ve been living. IF, one of your WHYS is that you want to make HEALTHIER CHOICES when it comes to Food, then just give this exercise a TRY! Not a physical exercise, but the Mental part of your POWER of 4!!
Each time you go to make a CHOICE about  nutrition or exercise, let each option represent a door. If you open up the healthy living door, you spirit is lifted, your body is grateful and you close the gap between who you are and who you(GOD) WANT TO BE.On the other hand, if you choose the UNnhealthy door, you feel your spirit sink, your body ache and you continue practicing  habits from the past, that have gotten you where you are today (Recognize The Enemy Here, please)! Give this mental visual a chance to work for you, and see if it  helps you CHOOSE WISELY  more often.AWARENESS is the key to CHANGE, so try this new way of looking at your health choices and see if  it might be just what works for you! Look at it this way, what you have done in the past, hasn’t helped you be Healthier. So, at least whole heartedly try a method that has been proven to create wiser conscious CHOICES! So  I ask you out of accountability, “What door will you choose today?”

JESUS came to give us LIFE, and to Give It More ABUNDANTLY! We all need to QUIT Settling with our choices! In EVERY area of our LIVES! Allowing GOD to grow us into that Proverbs 31 Woman we were created to be for HIS PURPOSE!
So, I encourage you to put this method into Practice,  and Expect Different Results! Doing so, will help this become a way of life for you, causing you to be in Control of your CHOICES, and that Empowers us all!
There’s the attainable Challenge that will BLESS you. How blessed you will be knowing that you have made Choices that will bring about a Healthier Vessel, that GOD can use, to change others lives, as well!
See…Nothing on this Journey really is about US…yet, let ALL that we do “GLORIFY OUR GOD!”
Article by Cheryl Graves, P31 Fitness trainer and support

Does Fear control you? Let it go!

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“You were not designed to cope but to thrive.”   –Henry Cloud in Necessary Endings


Have you seen the movie Frozen?  

My kids LOVE this movie! They would watch it 15 times a day if they could… So, needless to say, I have seen it A LOT in the past month.  Yesterday, we were driving, and the movie was playing in the car, and my husband brought up the most amazing points about this movie that hit home.  

I’ll talk more about those points in a minute, but two other connections hit me today about fear and I had to share my heart:

1) It is at the end of our week focusing on “courage” in P31 Fitness.  Getting rid of the fears inside, and living a courageous life.  

2) I am reading a book that talked about ending things in our life that are holding us back.  I am learning that often we resist the changes we need to make, even though they would be good for us.   We know we must change if we are going to end the misery of the present and get to the future we desire. The thing that normally holds us back is fear.  Fear lives inside of us, but are we going to let it control us?The interesting thing about fear, is that it is often not the fear of the things around us, but the fear within ourselves.  The fear of what we are actually capable of accomplishing with our strengths.


Here is where the awesome points from my husband came in from the movie “Frozen”.  There are some HUGE parallels to our own lives.

When Elsa was a young girl, she used her magical powers for fun!  Her and Anna would build snowmen, play, laugh…..but when fear crept in and she saw that she had hurt Anna, her powers began to cause her to freeze things.  Her parents couldn’t open the door (they had to bust through) because of the ice that the fear created.  

When they rushed her to the Troll, he fixed Anna but then told Elsa that fear would be her enemy and she must conceal it, not feel it.   She was told that her magic comes with great POWER, but also great DANGER.  

From that point forward, she lived in fear and she let the negative rule her life.  

She hid (concealed it) and wouldn’t let anyone in!

As soon as it was revealed, the fear started to overcome her (she froze everything she touched).  But then, her fears, in a sense, brought great freedom.  She ran away, by herself, embraced her abilities, and truly began to experience the beauty of her powers.  She was only able to do this because she had a breakthrough…”Let it go”…

It is interesting that when she stopped letting the fear control her every move and started living – the powers inside of her became a thing of beauty.  

She was FREE.  

However, the moment that she let fear creep back in, (Anna coming and telling her that she had caused an eternal winter), that is when her powers again became something fierce and hurtful to others.  She just wanted to hide.

She didn’t realize that she could use this power inside of her as a thing of beauty and not of hurt.  That is until an act of true love from her sister changed her.  Her heart was opened to others and she was able to see the beauty in her strengths.   


That is just like us….when we conceal our power that God has given to us, we will live in a state of fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ___________.  BUT, if we will release that power and let it go, we will find that it can be a great thing of beauty to serve those around us each day.

What are you fearing today?  What is the fear in your heart causing you to do in life?  What is the fear in your heart causing you to BE?  Do you like the person you are?  

I know for me, I have to work on this every day.  My fears can control me and cause me to hold onto things and hide away.  My fears can easily lead me to be someone I don’t want to be.  It is a daily battle, and one that I am intentionally working on each day. What I am learning is that in the process of letting these fears go, and letting LOVE heal me that I am finding great beauty in my life.  

I am finally able to stop “concealing” and start feeling again.  I am able to truly “Let it go” and not hold it back any more.  Who I am is who God made me to be.  Who I am is good enough.  Who I am does not need to be hidden.  Who I am is always enough….

“The fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all.  It’s time to see what I can do, test the limits and break through….I’m free!!”


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Let it go!

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With the famous “Let it go” song, it made me think about my own life.  What am I holding on to in my “world” that isn’t allowing me to be all I can be?  Well..that question really opened my eyes to my life and what I need to change.

What about you?  What do you need to let go of in life to be BETTER??

I just shared the following with our team at our owner/trainer conference with P31, and hope that it helps you too!

Maybe you can relate. My busy life and current coping mechanisms were causing me to:


  • Get in a fog
  • Not make good choices for myself
  • Start to waiver on some of my values
  • Lose sight of who I was
  • Feel lost
  • Become MORE busy to try to fix things
  • Continuous adrenaline rush of activity
  • Seek approval from others instead of God
  • Many other bad habits….


I got to a very scary point in my life.  I was out of control busy.  Not just busy, but everything so scheduled and stressed that if I didn’t get everything done, I felt I was going to end up in a bad place! I had so many big things on my plate, that I had to operate at 110% all the time.  That can get very tiring!!

So, after a long, hard talk with myself, and reading a great book I realized something:  If I REALLY wanted to do the big things well in life,  then I have no choice but to LET GO of some things from my life.  But that is HARD to do!! 

I finally had this conversation with myself when the busy life was leading to bad things:  “It is time.  Are you willing to take the risk and make some changes?  What are you going to do?  Well..something has to change!!”

Here is how I LET GO of things in my life, and the thoughts/habits I set:

  • Trusting that letting things go will make me a better person
  • Believing I can and will do these changes
  • Believing I am worth it
  • Taking away the coping mechanism I use for stress and replace it with empowered thinking.
  • No email or facebook on phone.  It brings stressors into my life and it disturbs my kid’s lives.
  • No more slavery of working out everyday to make me feel okay about myself
  • No wondering if someone is upset with me

What this is allowing me to do and be in life!

  • Emotionally stable
  • Peace
  • Freedom
  • I get to be with my kids!!
  • I enjoy time with my kids
  • Being present mentally and emotionally with others
  • Laugh
  • Play
  • Enjoy life again – no more drowning myself
  • Much more peace and kindness with others

“Letting it go” can be scary.  But, I will tell you that letting it go, is always worth the sacrifice!!

Do it!!  Let it go, and see what kind of freedom you gain!! You may even sing the song as you do!

—Be blessed!

Rachel Curtis