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June 2014

But I want to!!! The 4 year old fit

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I learn so many lessons from my kids!  I like to pass them along and maybe you can relate and be blessed!

So, we were about to go out on one of our walks around the neighborhood.  My two older kids (ages 4 and 2) can ride their bikes, and my 4 month old was going to ride in the new stroller we got for her.  The new stroller can hold another child as well.  So…you can imagine that the “bike fun” was minimal, but the stroller seats were the hot item.  Well, 3 kids can’t fit in a 2 kid stroller.  The fight began.

I tried to explain to the 4 year old that she can’t fit with the 2 year old and the 4 month old in the stroller. She started getting more and more upset, and I felt a good ol’ 4 year old fit coming on!  “But I want to ride in the stroller!!!”  You know those…the fits that are really fun to deal with – especially if you are in public!!  But today – I wanted to try to figure out how to stop the fit from happening!

So, I tried to think “how can I make this situation all okay?”  Well, I needed to distract her and make her feel needed!  Here is how it went:

“Hey Madison, Jaxon, Taylor and I REALLY need you to lead us on your bike!  We don’t know which way to go, and if you are riding in the stroller with us, we may get lost.  Will you please lead us?”  

And you know the response?  “SURE MOM!!! I will go in front and help you!!!”

Why do I tell you this story?  I tell you this story because we all get stuck on something in life that we think we want or need.  We can easily throw a “fit” if we don’t get our way.  Right?  Have you been there?  We may not go all out for the 4 year old tantrum, but we do throw our own fits.

Maybe instead of this, we can work at changing our thinking.  Change our thoughts from what WE WANT into how can we SERVE?  Just like Madison – as soon as she felt NEEDED to help others, she got her focus off of her wants, and onto helping us.

Think about that for a minute…it is not about what we want in life – but it is more about what others need.   What ways can we serve and love those around us today?

One prayer I try to pray often is for God to give me HIS eyes, so I can see others as He sees them.  So that I can see them, love them, and serve them in the way they need it.

It is not always easy, as sometimes I just want to throw that 4 year old fit – but when I can actually catch myself, and change my thinking to find others to serve – it is always a blessing!!

Rachel Curtis

P31 Fitness Founder/Owner

Will THIS diet work?!?!? What about this new workout I saw?!?!

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“I think I will TRY that workout program”

“I think I will TRY that diet.”

“Wonder if that will work for me?”

“Maybe I can lose 10 lbs in a week with this or that program…”

Whew -society will wear you out with the newest, latest diet, or diet pill, or workout program…you name it.

Diets seldom work, because they only create more rules for us to follow. With diet rules, it is easy to set yourself up for failure. When “cheating” occurs, it is easy to go off the diet.

That is why we teach all about freedom in P31 Fitness with our Listen and Lose Program.

Begin to listen to your body. Learn to listen to your basic hunger and fullness scale inside your body. Your body will tell you what and how much you need, if you will just begin to tune in to the hunger and fullness mechanism. Restricting yourself from certain food groups is unhealthy, and often leads to uncontrolled eating.  This doesn’t mean you should go wild with your eating, but it means you need to put quality fuel in your body, in correct quantities.  We live in the real world, and we need to have food work with our schedules, not become more of a stressor in our lives.  LISTEN AND LOSE and doing small things each day to lead to big changes!!

THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL, CURE, or QUICK FIX!!  Eating good foods and moving our bodies is the only answer!!

So, will THIS work??   YES!   It WILL work – but only when WE work.  WE have to decide that our bodies are worth the TIME, EFFORT, and FOCUS of good, wholesome foods and good quality workouts.

Is it a challenge?? YES.  Do we want to just give up at times? YES.  Do we struggle?  YES.  

And the best part about that is…it’s okay.  GRACE, FREEDOM, and an understanding that we can do the best we can with what we can, and that is always enough.

Enjoy the blessing of what God has given you with your health, and daily work to make it the best it can be!!


–Striving daily with you…..Rachel Curtis

Founder P31 Fitness