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August 2014

The splinter….

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As with many of my blog posts, I relate things to things that happen with my kids.  But what is fun, is that I feel we can all relate to these stories in our own lives.  Here we go!

Tonight, we were at my husband’s shop, and Madison was playing with a yard stick (don’t ask), and she got a splinter in her finger.  She yelled out that “she had a thorn in her hand!”  She went running to her daddy, who can fix all things in her eyes!!

Timidly, she held out her hand as he started in with the tweezers.  The tears started coming.  She watched as he worked on her poor little finger.  No matter how much he tried, it just wouldn’t budge.  She then had an idea, “Let’s go home and use our tweezers at home, those will be better!”.

I had to explain to her that we had to get it out as soon as we could.  Even if it hurt a lot now, that it would be SO much better once we had it out.  I tried to tell her that if we left it in, it would only get infected and worse.

Isn’t this just like us? We would rather not experience pain at any cost?  Even if it means MORE pain in the long run?  Why do we do this?  We do this because we think if we can avoid pain NOW, then we can get by without pain at all.

That’s just not true.

When we go through pain in this life, we will grow and change!  Pain isn’t fun.  However pain always leads to progress – if you let it!  The lessons we learn through the pain can change us, challenge us, and make us more into the person we need to be to in this life to serve others.

Just like this splinter with Madison, (that eventually came out), going through pain in the short term almost always will lead to amazing things for our lives.  Enduring the short term pain usually saves us TREMENDOUS pain in the future.  We need to stop running from pain, and live through it, knowing it has a purpose.

Stick it out, hang in there, and learn the lessons out there to learn.

-Rachel Curtis

Founder, P31 Fitness

We can’t control the wind! Stress-less life

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My kids wanted to go fly kits tonight….it seemed a perfect night to do so!!  I was glad that there seemed to be a little bit of a breeze.  So, we headed outside together.  The 4 year old and 2 year old with their kites in hand.  Determined to fly those kites high!   As we began to try to fly kites, it seemed we were having some trouble.  The wind wasn’t as good as we had thought, and the kids don’t fully understand how to fly kites yet.

So, needless to say, the kite flying was more like “kite dragging” and “tree catching”.  They were trying so hard, and you could tell they were so determined!  My four year old turned to me and said, “Mom, maybe there is some wind in the neighbors yard”.

My two year old would say “Mom  – you have to run faster like me and it will work” – then he would race across the hard pulling his kite on the ground.

They wanted these kites to fly so badly, but it just wasn’t going to happen tonight.  There was nothing I could do, nothing they could do….the wind just wasn’t there. 

As I watched my determined children try to make this kite flying work, it hit me that everything that was happening at that moment completely related to stress in our lives.

How many times have we wanted something to happen so bad in our lives, and yet it doesn’t seem to turn out quite right? How many times have we wished that we could just go “get some wind” somewhere else?  How often have you thought, “if I just try a bit harder or run a bit faster” it will all work out?  

For me, this all hit very close to my own struggles.  I struggle with situations and problems that I can’t control.  I want to fix problems, I want solutions, I want others to be happy, and I want everything to just work out perfectly all the time.  But along with that, comes A LOT of stress and pressure that I bring upon myself. I am learning every day, and realizing a very important point in this life, and that is this:  “WE CAN’T CONTROL THE WIND”.

We can’t go through life forcing things to happen.  We can work on things, hope for things, and pray through situations, but ultimately, we are not in control.  And that is okay, because…GOD IS!!

Our job is to go fly our kites.

Meaning – our role is to do our very best, and know that the outcome is going to be what it will be.  Sometimes there is wind to take our dreams high, and other times, we feel like we are being drug on the ground.  However, we can’t spend our life stressing over things that we can’t change.  We have to show up, serve, love, and be the best version of ourselves day in and day out.  We have to seek ways to show others that God is the one that is in control, and that all that we do should point to Him. 

So, after coming in from attempting to fly kites tonight with my kids, I had a new take on life.  We didn’t get those kites in the air – but we did have a great time enjoying life together.  It wasn’t about the kite – it was about being with my kids.  Sometimes things don’t quite go as we plan, and that is okay.  That is okay.  We can’t control the wind, but we can enjoy the breeze!

–Rachel Curtis

Founder, P31 Fitness

What is screaming the loudest in your life?

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A couple of nights ago after bath time for my three kids, a thought came to me about life that really applies to all of us and our priorities….go with me for a minute…read on!

My husband often works late, and so often it is just me getting the three kids ready for bed.  Which I really enjoy…I’m being serious!! There is nothing like clean, fresh smelling kids, all dressed in their PJ’s, books, and bed.  Well….that is when it does go THAT way…..

This night was a little different.  As I was getting them out of the bath, drying them off, doing the PJ thing…they all broke down.  You know how it is (well, if you have any kids, or been around any that are tired)…anything and everything has the potential of causing tears, fights, or just pure exhaustion.

So this night in particular, my 5 month old was overdue for her bottle and bed…crying.   My 2 year old didn’t want the black towel, he wanted the blue towel…crying.  My 4 year old was upset because I had frozen all of the bananas for my shakes, and she wanted a soft one…..crying.

Now, any other time, if they weren’t TIRED, these things probably wouldn’t have ended in a crying fit, but for this night…that is what happened.

So, here I am, all three kids crying, all upset about something very important to them.  I am just one person, and so I had to help the child that was “screaming” the loudest.  In other words, which child’s needs were the most pressing, urgent, and needed fulfilled the quickest?  So…in the midst of the chaos, it got me thinking…

It is a lot like life.  Who or what is screaming the loudest in our lives?  What is calling for the most attention?  What is the most pressing, urgent need in our lives?  The reason this is important, is we tend to work to fulfill those needs first.  We do this so as to quiet the screams and gain a sense of control in our lives once again!!

However, sometimes the thing that is screaming the loudest in our lives, is NOT always the thing that we need to focus on.  Sometimes it is the thing that is just a soft “voice” in the background that is the one THING that can make a real difference in our lives if we will stop and give it some attention.

This can be applied in so many ways in our lives, but follow me on this point.  I am going to take it in the direction of all 4 parts of our health and our own self-care.

The chaos of our lives can easily feel like loud screams every day.  Work pressures, society expectations, personal obligations, how we look, what we say, busy schedules, you name it – all of these things are screaming for our time, attention, and focus.  But, what about that soft voice in the back of our minds that says…”your health matters, you are important, take time to take care of yourself”?  What do we do with that voice?  Well, often times, we let the other screaming voices drown it out.  But you know what I have learned over time?

If we continue to only satisfy and listen to the loud, urgent, pressing needs in our lives, we will never truly get to where we need or want to be in this life.  What I mean is that if we don’t take time to work on our health: our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, then we will constantly feel like we are out of control.  Our lives will feel chaotic, we will constantly be running and striving for more, more, more, and we will burn out.

We have to take the time to stop listening to what is screaming the most URGENT in our lives, and start listening to what is screaming the most VALUE in our lives.

I am right there with you.  I struggle with remembering this every day.  I struggle with taking care of all four parts of my health as I would like.  However, I have acknowledged that it is a necessity in my life to do so.  I have learned that I am my best self when I am remembering to take care of the things that will make me a better person.  I have learned that I am worth that time and effort it takes to listen to that soft voice.  Most of all I have learned that I can better serve others when I stop serving the loud voices I hear every day.

So, whatever is screaming at you in your life today, I challenge you to stop a minute, and also listen to the soft voice telling you to take care of your health.  The voice that says, YOU are worth it, YOU have value, and YOU are important.  Because listening to THAT voice is what will allow you to have the strength and confidence to face the loud screaming voices every day.

May you be blessed by reading this, and challenged to be the best you that you can be!

–Rachel Curtis

Founder P31 Fitness