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September 2014

Enough with the guilt. You are enough!

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You should be this.  You should be that.

Why didn’t you do this?

You shouldn’t have done that…..

Why aren’t you more ___________?

On and on and one.  Guilt, guilt, guilt and more guilt.

Whether or not someone actually says these words to us, or if they are just in our own brains, they are REAL.  We all hear them, we all start to believe them, and we all react to these guilt-filled words.

Some of us react by over compensating.  Some of us react by running.  Some of us react by trying to fight against the guilt with everything in our being.   However we “act out” against the guilt that can come into our lives, what we need to all see clearly is that guilt is not freedom.

The sad part is that before we know it, we can easily be consumed with feelings of guilt and it can start to ruin our lives.  These feelings can cause us to feel that we are not good enough.

Guilt will never get us to where we need to be.  Guilt tends to only bring us down.  Let’s try something new.




Believe it, say it, and feel it:

I AM ENOUGH.  What I do is enough.  I AM ENOUGH!!!

When we start to live in the freedom and grace of those words, we can really start to live.  We can flourish in our personalities and be comfortable in our own skin.  Living in a place of freedom will allow us to be the best version of ourselves, so as we can be the best for others.

So, change what you hear, and change what you start to believe.  It will will not only make a difference in the moment, it will change your life!! YOU ARE ENOUGH!





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When is the last time you said those words…”It’s okay”?  Was it today? Yesterday? Or has it been awhile?  Not just in general, but when is the last time you said these words of freedom to YOURSELF?

On the flip side, I am sure if I asked you when the last time was that you criticized yourself, the answer would at least be today, if not in the last few minutes.  We, as humans, are PROFESSIONALS at personal criticism, but how good are we at saying the simple words, “it’s okay”?

This can be about your appearance, your actions, your current life situation, or even about your mistakes.  “It’s okay.”


Say it out loud – “it’s okay”.  

As a mom, I try to say these words a lot to my 5 year old and 3 year old.  Not that I am condoning behavior that I shouldn’t, but that I am giving them the grace that I so desperately need every day.   They need to hear these words.  They need to hear “it’s okay” when they mess up, when they are hurting, and just when they look sad.  They feel comforted, and loved when they hear these words.

How about you?  One thing I know, when we are given grace through our mistakes, we are encouraged to do better next time.   I have learned this because I know for me, when I am NOT given grace – I do NOT want to try harder.  I only want to give up.   Did you hear that?  When I am given criticism, all I want to do is quit, run away, and hide.  That is not where we need to be in life.  We need to be living in our strengths.

The other thing I know, is that you can’t control the way that others respond to you.  Ever.  This is a hard lesson to learn, because other people do not always treat us the way that we would like.  Life’s circumstances don’t always treat us as we would like.  The only person you can control is yourself.   You CAN control how you respond to and how you treat yourself.   Have you ever said the words, “it’s okay” to yourself?  Are you giving yourself the grace we all so desperately need each day?  If not, I hope you will start right now.

As we grow in this wonderful spirit of freedom and grace, may we all start saying these words to OTHERS and to OURSELVES more than we criticize or judge.  I know that through these words, we will in fact find that it is okay, it will be okay, and we can rest in those words.

“When you give yourself grace, you find the freedom to be yourself, and YOU are always enough.”


—Rachel Curtis

P31 Fitness Founder