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October 2014

Controlled by worry…let’s give it up!

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Are you worried about something right now?  Have you found yourself consumed by worry in the past?

We all worry. We all worry about kids, finances, bills to pay, jobs, parents, and anything else that crosses our path.  I want to talk real with you today about worry.  The trouble with worry is that it doesn’t do anything positive for us.  It only consumes our thoughts, and makes us distracted from our bigger focus in life.

My dad once told me that it takes the same amount of energy to worry (if not more) than it does to pray.  Have you ever thought about that?  Worry is simply letting a thought roll over and over in our minds without any progress being made.  Spinning, turning and growing into something much bigger than the actual issue at hand.

So, why do we let worry consume us?  I believe it is a control issue.  We feel that our worries are somehow in our control, and that when we can think about them all the time – that SOMEHOW that is going to make things better.  NOT TRUE.  The more we think about them, and try to control them, the worse it gets.

Let’s give it up.

Stop worrying, stop obsessing, and let’s start letting it go.  The letting go part is not easy, but once we turn things over to God,  our spirit will feel freedom, and we will be able to move forward in our lives.

Worry consumes us, but ONLY if we let it!!  Be encouraged today and give up just one worry, and turn that into prayer.  We will be blessed by giving it up!

–Rachel Curtis

Founder, P31 Fitness

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