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November 2014

More grace, less control

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you can't control

You know, we all do this.  We try to control what others are doing, thinking, saying and even how they act towards us.  We get frustrated, wish that person would change, and then nothing changes!!  Maybe we need to try something new and end this cycle.

Well, my kids teach me valuable lessons every day.  What I have learned most recently from my 3 little blessings is this exact concept.  How I react makes all the difference!

For instance, today, my little boy Jaxon was tired.  He was just “off”.  I found myself starting to think about this concept because when kids get tired, nothing in the world seems right to them.    Or – my daughter, Madison didn’t want to wear her socks under her boots today.  Complete tear filled breakdown about SOCKS.  I explained to her that if she didn’t wear socks, she would get blisters.  She (being only 5) kept crying and saying – “I promise I won’t get splinters in my feet”…thinking she could control the “splinters” aka blisters.  After much convincing (and bribing with donuts) she wore those socks.  As parents, we can get frustrated and react in the same way that they are acting OR we can elect to react in a different way.  How I react makes a big difference in the environment I help to build in our home.

What about with people that are not my children?  What about when someone acts in a way that I don’t like?  What happens when I get “annoyed” with someone?  How do I react?  Well, since I can’t control them, I need to look about how I am reacting to them!

I think about this a lot.  Truth – “everyone has their issues and everyone is going through something”.  People usually act out because of what they are dealing with in their own hearts…not the issue at hand.  When I can remember this, it helps me to react in a much more gracious way.

A good question we can all ask ourselves, “What are they going through today?” 

What if we turned a situation around to look at what someone might be facing in their life and stop taking offense?

What if we had grace on others, and offered understanding towards others?

What if we stopped and thought about our reaction before actually reacting?

Less control, move compassion and more grace each day!!

–Rachel Curtis

Done is better than perfect

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done is better than

The pile of pictures had been moved from the box, to a drawer, to a storage bin, to another drawer.  I even had the scrapbook ready for them to go into.  At one point a few months back, I actually organized the pictures by date and “theme” to be ready to put them in the book, but it all ended up in the drawer….

Been there?  Have you ever not completed a project because you wanted it to be perfect?

I realized something HUGE yesterday – “done is better than perfect”.  There is so much power to that statement and it would serve us all well to pay attention to it much more often.

Guess what?  As of yesterday, my pictures are no longer floating around in a drawer or a box, they are in a scrapbook!  Are the Christmas pictures before the Halloween pictures?  Yes!  Are there some pages that have 4 different years on them?  Yes!  But you know what?  It is OKAY and the pictures are no longer sitting in a drawer/box/etc.  And it feels GREAT.

What is it in your life that you are just not doing because you don’t have the time to make it “perfect”? Your pictures, your house, your self-care, your workout, your_______?  You fill in the blank.

I will challenge us all to stop with the perfectionism and do our best and complete the many tasks that are waiting on us.  Just get them done.  Stop worrying about perfection, and think about completion.  I PROMISE you it will make you feel better, let you move on in life, and give you an extreme sense of accomplishment.

Perfectionism in anything is only a tool of distraction to the greater things in life we have to accomplish.  Put the pictures in the book, put the book on the shelf and feel good!