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December 2014

Don’t be the monster…just be the mommy!

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Did this title catch your attention? It would mine!  Let me share with you a little background of where this short story originated!


Yesterday at the park, my kids, Madison, Jaxon and I were playing “tickle monster tag”.  It’s a fun game where they scream and run, Taylor watches from her stroller, and I attempt to jump up on the playground equipment and chase them everywhere.  I attempt not to hurt myself while pretending I am younger than I am 🙂

Here are some of the rules:

1) It doesn’t just count if I tag them, I have to get them in a full out “tickle” to where they can’t stop laughing and they are “caught”.

2) Once they are caught, I must release them within 5 seconds

3) Then we start again.

Simple.  Fun and tiring!!

Madison (5 years old) thinks this is great fun, while Jaxon (3 years old) can only take so many times of getting caught!!  Taylor (10 months old) just laughs and giggles at the whole scene!  She screams when we get close enough to her stroller.

So as we were playing yesterday, and Jaxon stops and yells out to me…”Stop!!! Don’t be the tickle monster, just be the mommy!”.

He then lets me catch him and just wants me to hold him.

Sweet boy.  So full of innocence, yet wanting to be so brave…just not sure if he is quite brave enough.  A little 3 year old that wants to conquer the world, but who still needs his mama’s safety and protection.  A boy who still wants to be held, cuddled, and loved on each day.

Here he was at the park, laughing and having fun being tickled, but he was also very aware of the DIFFERENCE and TRANSFORMATION of his mommy vs “the tickle monster”.  When he got tired, he didn’t want to play any longer.  He just wanted his mama.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I think we can all find ourselves in Jaxon’s words.  Life gets hard.  It can be fun, adventurous, and exciting, but it can also be hard.  There are times when we just want the safety and protection of the “known” in our lives.  Times when we just want to know everything is going to be okay in our lives!!! God gives us that each day – but we have to choose to run to Him!  Our choice!!!  Now, I am not saying that God transforms into a monster – but I am saying the world can be a monster and God is the protector.  

To dig a little deeper, I got to thinking about our own personalities as well and how this also applies within.  Sometimes we may feel we have both a monster and a comforter living within us.  Been there?  Do you ever feel tossed and turned by this way and that?  I believe that each day we have to fight against the “monster” voice inside of us that sometimes feeds us lies.  Sometimes we start to believe those lies about ourselves.   At those moments, we have to CHOOSE to listen to the voice of truth and comfort inside, and not to the lies that threaten against us.

So, think back to the park.  Jaxon having a great time, and suddenly only wanting his mommy.  Not the monster.

Today, let’s all remember that we DO have protection and comfort that we can run to at any moment.  Let’s remember that we also have the choice to ignore those monster voices that sometimes fight for our attention.   Let’s remember that we are save, loved, and alive because of His Grace!

–Rachel Curtis

Founder, P31 Fitness