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April 2015

Are you focusing on what is “moving” or what is “still” in your life?

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Do you ever find yourself being pulled in a million different directions? Emotionally, mentally, physically?  For me, when I am feeling pulled, it’s usually a matter of my focus!!

Today we were at Target, and there was a set of “Jacks” for sale.  I decided it would be a fun to teach my kids how to play this game.  So….we purchased it and when we got home ripped it open to play.

My 5 year old was intent on figuring out HOW to get this game to work.  My 3 year old would just grab as many as possible as the ball bounced off the table.  My 1 year old tried to EAT the jacks.

As we were playing, I was watching my 5 year old Madison try to do this and she was struggling.  She was struggling because she was watching the Jack instead of the ball.  I explained to her that she needed to watch the BALL because that was the thing that was moving.  I told her that the Jack was sitting still and wasn’t going to move on her.  She could trust that it would be in the same place when she went to reach for it!

After a few times – she looked at me and said “Mom, I get it! The jack isn’t moving, but the ball could go anywhere!!  I need to keep my eye on the ball since it is moving and I don’t always know where it is moving to!”

She got it!  From then on  – she hardly missed picking up the jacks and started to get in her rhythm.  The only time she did miss was when she stopped watching the ball.

It got me to thinking about my own life.  What are things that are STILL in my life?  Constant, unchanging, stable  and things that I have a bit more control of in my life? This probably includes God, possibly your attitude, and other things that you can always count on to not move.


What are those things that are always MOVING every day?  The things that I have no control over, that are not constant and that are always changing?  This probably includes people, emotions, and situations in our lives.

As opposed to what I taught Madison in the game of Jacks, for me – I need to be sure I am staying focused on the constant/still things in my life in order to “win”.  That constant is God and His promises.  This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t keep an eye out for those things that move all the time, but I can’t expect to have any type of stability if I am focused in on what is constantly changing.

I often get distracted by those things that move.  The emotions and personalities of others, the situations I can’t control, and even the actions of people around me often throw me off course.  I have figured out that I CAN’T live that way.  It is a state of constant uncertainty, confusion, and distraction from what I really want out of life.

So, the next time you think about your emotional state, or where you are in life – ask yourself what you are focusing on.  What are you basing your trust on in life….the things that are constant or the things that are constantly moving?

We all can use a bit more focus on the “STILL” in our lives, and we may find we experience more stability and peace.

–Rachel Curtis

P31 Fitness Founder