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June 2015

Finding a “WEIGH” Out

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We have all done it.  Gotten up out of bed, made it to the place where our scale lives, taken every ounce of clothing off including our EARRINGS to be sure that nothing extra weighs us down,  Then we do it – we step on the scale.  We silently hope the number will be what will “satisfy” some mysterious number that we think it should be.  We have high expectations of a drop in the number from the day before (or the hour before if you weigh several times a day).  We get on that scale fully convinced that we have been “good” that week with our food, and exercise, and so that number SHOULD be less!

Been there?  Done that?

I have!!  I even had charts posted above my scale, and would mark each day’s weight.  I would beat myself up if the number was higher than the day before.  I would somehow celebrate if the number was lower than the day before.  I would have goals set out for weeks and months ahead declaring what the number WILL read by such and such date.  When I wouldn’t hit that goal date, I would get frustrated and try something else.  Then I would get back on track, try again and re-set my goals, make a new chart, gear up again, and in it all – I would stay in a very DEEP BONDAGE.

Let’s be real for a minute.  Why do we get on the scale?

What does the scale tell us?  For many of us, for too long it has actually told us way too much.  It has told us if we have been good or bad.  The numbers screaming back at us have told us if we have been a successful person or a failure.  The scale has told us if we are worth it or not.  Stop for a moment and see if you can admit that you have found yourself in this place all centered around the number on a scale.

The problem with a scale, is that the more we focus on those numbers, often times we get obsessed, and do not see the results we want.  All of the sudden, the scale becomes what determines our peace and happiness each day.

If we like what we see, we have a great day and feel good about ourselves.  If we don’t like what we see on the scale in the mornings, we have a bad start to the day.  We may then be irritable, not eat well, not treat people as kindly as we should, and all of this because of a NUMBER.  A number!!!

I beg for us all to see the scale for what it is….a scale is simply a machine that tells us a number.  A number that we somehow have allowed to have way too much control over our lives.

Remember, that a scale CAN NOT accurately tell us:

– What we are worth

– If we are a good person

– If we did a great job at workout that day

– If we ate our fruits and vegetables

– If we loved people well that day

– If we served and helped others

– If we are trying our best.

So – let’s find a WEIGH OUT of this bondage and stop the scale saga.  Stop getting on it every day expecting for it to tell you if you are doing a good job in this life.  Stop hoping that the scale will say a number and then be disappointed when it doesn’t.  Stop this cycle.  Throw the scale away and let’s find that WEIGH OUT!

START taking care of your health because you know you need to do so

START spending your time and energy thinking of the positive things in your life

START eating whole foods, not just low calorie packaged foods

START being kind to yourself and have grace


START realizing that your worth comes from God and not a machine’s feedback each morning.


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