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July 2015

Summer Nutrition Webinar Recordings

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We offer FREE Nutritional Webinars all summer each Wednesday night at 8:30pm.  If you missed these, here are all of the recordings so far:


Watch me!

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Worth it

If you have kids, you can relate!  “Mommy, watch me swing!”  “Mommy, watch me run over to the slide!”  “Mommy watch me make my chocolate milk all by myself!”.  “Mommy….

Been there?  Heard that?  

Why do kids do this?  Why do they want us to watch their every accomplishment, big or small?

Why do kids stop doing this at some point in their lives?

Why do we not do this as adults?  Or…..do we?

I think that we all have a need for acknowledgement from others.  Whether or not we realize it or not, we want to be noticed, we want to be appreciated and we want to be loved.  The problem is that sometimes we don’t get this acknowledgment from others.  For women, this can easily translate into not feeling worthy, not feeling good enough, and not feeling loved.

Been there? Felt that? 

I want us all to take a minute and step back and listen to the voices we hear each day.  Or what do we NOT hear?  Are we letting those voices determine our worth?  Are we letting the lack of appreciation or acknowledgement from others determine how we feel about ourselves?  Sometimes….yes.  We all do it.  However, I want us to all hear loud and clear that no matter if anyone “sees” us, we need to know that WE ARE WORTH IT!  

So, just as a child wanting our parents to see us in our daily lives, we all want to be acknowledged.  Let’s not determine our worth on if someone does or doesn’t.  Let’s determine our worth on the TRUTH that God tells us we are worth it.

God is cheering us on.

God is watching and acknowledging.

God loves us!


you are worth it