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November 2015

I ate some Oreo cookies today

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I may or may not have had 4 Oreo cookies today.  They may or may not have been double stuffed!!   Yes I did.

And, I may or may not have eaten them out of stress today.  Fully knowing what I was doing and fully aware that I was NOT hungry.  Yes I did.

It’s not the number four, but it’s what was behind it!

Shocked?  Surprised?  Can you relate?

But tonight as I look back on my day, I can say these words with confidence:  “I will hold myself to a standard of grace and not perfection.”

Some days just are tough.  Some days don’t go as you expect.  Some days you find yourself not acting and doing the things you would like to do.  Some days you eat the cookies.  And you know what?  It is OKAY!!!  It is!!

For years, I would hide what I was eating, binge, hide, diet, beat myself up, binge some more, and promise to NEVER eat “X” again.  That was until the next time I felt stressed, bored, lonely, you name it.  It never worked.  It was a vicious cycle.  A cycle that I hated to be in, and that I hate to see others in as well.  It is hard.  When I finally realized it wasn’t about the food – but it was about an emotional/mental issue for me, things started to improve.

So, if you can relate to what I am saying, please know that I have been there.  Stop making it about the food.  Stop coming up with new “food rules.”  Instead, I beg for you to find out what it is that is “eating” you….deep in your soul.  That is the only true way to find the freedom that we all can have in this area of food.  You notice, I said, “freedom” and I didn’t say “perfection”.  That is a big distinction.

I have found when it comes to food, that until we live out GRACE on ourselves, we will never truly be FREE.  I developed our “Listen and Lose” program in P31 Fitness precisely for this reason.  Stop with the impossible rules.  Stop with the beating yourself up mentality.  Stop with the perfectionistic diets.  STOP.  Breathe.  Listen.  Relax.

Yes, those Oreos today were good.  Could I/should I have had just 1 – well, probably…but I didn’t.  Should I have checked my emotions a bit more today before eating – well, probably…but I didn’t.  And you know what?  It’s OKAY! It’s OKAY!  Because I didn’t allow this one event to snowball into an all day binge.  I moved on, started over, and accepted the grace that allows me to be human, and not to be perfect.  I hope you will as well!

The end.



We want to EXPAND P31 Fitness!

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We want to expand P31 Fitness across the United States!  We need your help!

This program can truly change lives from the inside-out and we feel that every woman needs to hear our message of FREEDOM and HOPE!

From a Franchise Owner:

what P31 has been for me 2

If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a Franchise Owner or Trainer, a great opportunity to learn more is to join us on a webinar or Facebook party to learn more!


The next one is Thursday, November 19th at 8:30pm CST.  Join us by clicking on this link:  anymeeting.com/PIID=EC52DB81894E3D


Grace: In a pile of rocks

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We were outside playing basketball in the driveway. I had Reagan (6 weeks old) in her carrier seat on the sidewalk. Jaxon and Taylor were playing away and I was sweeping the driveway. It was windy out on this particular day. Jaxon, age 4, (who is always very concerned about others), looks up from his basketball and says – “Oh no, Mom!!!”


Of course, that always makes you stop and panic – thinking…what in the world could be wrong?!

He then goes running over to our rock driveway and picks up rocks, sets them on the sidewalk. Then he picks up the gutter thing (see picture above, as I have no idea what that is called) and he puts it about 2 feet away from baby Reagan’s carrier seat. He proceeds to put the rocks on either side of the gutter thing. Taylor (20 months old) starts joining in on building this structure.

I asked him, Jaxon – what are you doing?

He says, “Mom, we have to protect baby Reagan from the dirt and leaves, and this will do it!” I looked down to see a sleeping little Reagan, oblivious to what is being built next to her. And then I look over to see his completed invention (the picture), and thought to myself…wow, how thoughtful and sweet!! Even though there is no way the dirt was getting close to her, he had the insight to protect her with anything he could find. He had it in him at this young age to look out for his sister’s well-being…no matter what it took!

As I watched my sweet kids doing this, I got to thinking about my life and the GRACE that God shows to me each day. In a sense, it is as if God protects me with His grace. There are so many things in my life that I don’t do as I should. So many ways that I fail. So many ways I haven’t been the person I should be. So many blessings that I don’t “deserve”, but He continues to show His grace in my life.

And so as I stood there and looked at what Jaxon had created, I couldn’t help but smile. This “invention” he created to protect Reagan is the very thing that made me stop in my day, and truly appreciate God’s grace on me. It made me thankful for the ways that God protects me from things I don’t even know I need protection from every day! It made me see that grace can look very different in each of our lives.

Lastly – I had this overwhelming feeling and thought, that grace can be EVERYTHING if we will just open our eyes to see!

Grace can be a smile from someone.

Grace can be forgiveness that we feel washing over us after doing something against God’s ways.

Grace can be love.

Grace can be just about anything that points us toward God.

And at that moment, that is EXACTLY what that gutter thing and pile of rocks did for me. It made me change the way I view the ordinary. It made me thankful for God’s amazing grace each day on my life. It made me smile.

—Rachel Curtis