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March 2016

Be REAL: Get to the good stuff

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real and perfectI was at a park with my kids one day last week, and as we often do, we found DIRT and SAND to get our hands and feet into that day!  As we laughed and played and dug and sat, I had some thoughts about life.

It was a sunny day, and at that point in the week, we hadn’t had much rain yet.  So, in this huge sandpit, we struggled to build anything.  The kids asked why, and it was because the sand was too dry.  So, I had Madison grab me a stick, and I told them to come watch.  I took that stick and I started digging and digging, and soon what I found was the WET SAND.  I called the kids over to show them.  They weren’t too thrilled – but I was.  Knowing that THIS type of sand…the wet sand…we could do something with and start to build some castles or shapes, or at least a mound (since that would be about the extent of my building skills).


As I started molding this new wet sand, Jaxon asked where I found it?  I told him “It’s under there, you just have to dig buddy!  Here is a stick – you try it!”  So the 3 kids and I sat there and got all kinds of wet sand to play with.  We buried each other in the sand, made sand diapers (remember those?)  and tried to build a few mountains and castles.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this sand pit is much like us as human beings!!  Just like sand, often with us, the outside layer is more of a protective mechanism to what is deeper on the inside.  Sometimes the outside layer doesn’t really show what is buried underneath.  Sometimes the outside layer doesn’t really “work” to build things of a strong foundation.  Sometimes we have to dig a bit deeper to find the good stuff and the REAL stuff.  The deeper “sand” is what works in our lives and what can build true strength in our lives!

As humans, when we walk around pretending to be something we are not, or pretending to have it all together, sooner or later, the REAL us will come to the surface.

So, why do we do this?  Why do we create a “protective layer” on the outside from what is really underneath?

The sand brought me to challenge myself, and to write this for others to also challenge themselves to make sure that our outside, matches what is on the inside.

When we are real on the outside, and when we truly work to have integrity of soul to just BE who we are (flaws and all) – that is when we can find true freedom.

We are all tired of walking around trying to “be” who we THINK the world wants us to be.  Instead, what God wants us to be is JUST US and that is always enough.  So I challenge us today to BE REAL.  To understand that the really good stuff about ourselves and others may require a bit of digging, but that over time, hopefully we can start to match the inside with the outside.

Hopefully over time, if enough of us are working to be REAL each day, and challenging each other to be real that we can all walk around with a bit more depth of life.

So today – go dig deep in our own soul, and let that “deeper sand” be shown on the outside…because WHO YOU REALLY ARE is ALWAYS ENOUGH!!

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–Rachel Curtis, Founder