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April 2016

The funny thing about diets…

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Sound familiar?? Been there?  Probably too close to home to all of us who have tried to go on a diet!

Or how about this one….try this proclamation of a 21 day fix and see how you do?  Have you ever said something like this to yourself?

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How did you do on this?  Did it work?

Or….on day 2 or 3, did you start to have a bite of this or a bite of that and before you knew it….the “diet” was over, and you once again, called yourself a “failure” at all diets!?  Then you just gave up?

Well, MOST women out there have the all or nothing approach.  You are not alone.

Either you are 100% in at healthy healthy living..OR you are 100% out of all of that -ha!!

So, why do we continue to look for the latest fix?  Why do we continue to think that the latest 21 or 30 day challenge will actually fix us?

*Note – I do not feel that there is anything wrong with a these type of challenges in and of themselves – but the expectations we have for these is where we get ourselves in trouble.  Even more so, what it can do to us mentally is where I see the bigger issue.

So, what happens if you start one of these, tell everyone you are doing it and then you can’t seem to complete it?  What then?  Are you feeling good about yourself?

What if you “cheat” on your diet?  How do you feel about yourself then?

Do any of these feelings build us up?  Are these feelings or actions healthy for you?

What about the comparison it brings into our lives with other women?  “Oh Suzie Q always seems to be able to eat right, finish a challenge, etc, etc, etc.”  Have you found yourself saying that?  Is that healthy?

NO!!! It is not healthy.  It is not healthy for our physical, mental, spiritual or emotional health..not at all.

So, as you are reading this, I challenge us all to stop this type of all or none thinking.  I challenge us to stop looking for the latest fix.  I challenge us to be OKAY with who we are and to start looking for the “fix” inside of ourselves.

No 21 or 30 day challenge will fix an emotional problem.  Dig deeper…Address the inside first and you will soon find that the outside will take care of itself.

Experience the freedom the Christ brings into our lives when we acknowledge that our worth is not dependent on the size of our dress or the number on our scale.

Our worth is dependent on WHO we are in Him alone!!  THAT is the BEST fix we can find!!

Enjoy this truth!

–Rachel Curtis

P31 Fitness Founder