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May 2016

My pleasure…and how may I serve you?

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The kids and I went to Chic fil a yesterday, and just like EVERY other time we have gone there, the young employee at the cash registers says to us…”how may I serve you?”.  Then – when they handed us our food, just like EVERY other time, they say “my pleasure”.

Every time you walk in the doors of Chic fil a – no matter what town, what location, what time – you will get the same kind, gracious service.  Isn’t that amazing?  And they truly seem to mean it!! That is what gets me!

It got me thinking about our focus this week – having a servant heart.  When someone needs something from me – do I willingly say…”my pleasure” and then do I REALLY mean it?   Or, do I take the initiative to ask people – “how may I serve you today”?  When we ask this question, following up with a pure servant heart is important.   I also believe it is powerful to PRAY to have the eyes that God has, to see others as He sees, and that we see the needs of others even BEFORE we need to ask.  I also try to pray that we have His hands, and feet to go with those eyes to put into action fulfilling the needs before us.

To me, having a servant heart is something that is a very attractive quality in others.  People with a servant heart are like magnets.  Others want to be around them and want are drawn to them in a way.  Why? Because being around people with a servant heart makes them feel wanted, loved, and valued.

For ourselves, having a servant heart causes us all to reach out to others and find ways to serve.  A focus word that pushes us outside of our box a bit in order to help fulfill the needs of those around us.  A focus that changes our heart and our mind to serve and love.  But with that, sometimes the selfish part of us wants to serve and then also be thanked.  Or we sometimes serve, and want to be noticed.  The problem with both of those ways of thinking is that they are flawed!  We can’t serve to be noticed or thanked – we need to serve for the joy of serving.

I can remember when I was little, my dad always said to me that when we serve others without them knowing it was us, it was like getting our stars on our crown in heaven.  That stuck with me, and I think of that often.  When we serve and no one notices, or acknowledges us, it is OKAY and in fact – usually better!!

So, I challenge us this week and always, with two things, as we focus on having a servant heart:

  1. May we ask the question often:  “How may I serve you?”  to those in our lives each day.  When we ask, may we ask in a way that we truly mean the words and follow them with action! Even looking for these ways without asking, is HUGE!
  2. When we get thanked for service, that we can say “My Pleasure” easily and mean it!
  3. That we are continually striving to earn those stars in our crown, that no one may see.

Servant heart isn’t about status or recognition, it is about love from the heart in finding others’ needs and doing our best to fulfill them with the Love of God!

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Contentment, Facebook, and the never ending BUSY

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So, I got to thinking today.  Why are we not always content?  Why do we as women struggle with this area so much?

Take this for instance, have you ever logged onto Facebook and started your day feeling pretty good, but after a few scrolls through FB you are feeling very dis-content?

You can’t always put your finger on just WHAT you saw that made you feel the way you now feel, but you feel it.  You feel not good enough, not fun enough, not ____ enough.

It’s funny what social media as a whole has done to society and we don’t even realize it!  There was even a study that showed people are less and less content since the addition of social media.  Stop and think about it a minute and I think we can all agree!  I am not saying FB is wrong in any way.  I think it has a great place in society, but I do also believe it has had a negative impact on women and their level of contentment.  Check out your mood before and after your daily FB scroll!

What I finally realized was that FB was causing these yucky issues in me!  I have found that I need to be careful!  There have been times I have looked through things and just left feeling like I wasn’t doing enough, good enough or ….you name it!  So, as Facebook is such a fun place to communicate, market, connect and see what is going on in each other’s lives, we should just be cautious of what it might be doing to your level of contentment!  It is just social media tool, and we need to not let it get in our hearts in a negative way!


Or how about this – you see someone and the first thing they say when you ask them how they are…they say, “I am SO BUSY!”….It is almost as if we have started to glorify the word BUSY.  Been there?  Have you ever been busy and not even known why?

Busy running kids places.

Busy with activities at church, school, etc

Busy with work.

Busy with life.

And somehow, we have come to a place that we think that is a good thing!

WHY?  Why are we all so busy?  Is it healthy?  Is it the way to contentment?  I don’t think so!  In fact, I once heard that BUSY stands for Being Under Satan’s Yoke.  Yikes!!!   Isn’t that acronym semi-true?  The more busy we are, the less time we have to focus on what is really important!

Sometimes I have even been busy just to be busy!  Not wanting to deal with certain emotions or feelings, and so I just get busy doing something else…all to avoid!

So, the level of BUSY in our lives….just another place to check ourselves and our level of contentment!

Lastly – Are we okay?  Can we SAY we are okay? If we all stopped and were still, would we be content?  I challenge us all today to stop the busy, stop the FB comparing, stop the dis-contentment and just BE.

Say the words…”It’s okay” and you will just feel the freedom that those words alone can bring.  YOU are okay.  YOU are enough.  We don’t have to be everything.  We don’t have to have everything, we don’t have to live up to everything.  No, in fact, we CAN just be okay and we can be contentment….when it all starts within!

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