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June 2016

Freedom from the dreaded scale! The fence and candy bars!

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Have you ever felt this way?  If you are a woman….you have!  The scale can be a dreaded thing for sure!  It can even lead to bondage in our lives!!

We recently moved out to the country and our two lab puppies, (thank you Santa) taught me a HUGE lesson in regard to food, weight, the scale and more!  I just had to pass this along.

We previously lived in a neighborhood with a high wooden fence.  Our dogs would get so excited when the gate would get opened…why?  Because they could escape the bondage of the wooden fence and run FREE!  But where the lesson comes in, and what is so funny to me, is that they would sprint out that gate, run around for awhile, we would chase them, call them, and eventually give up.  But guess what, as soon as we stopped playing their game and let them be, they would eventually come back into the fence.  So why did they run out of the fence at the first chance?  Why did they keep running when we were trying to contain them?  It is all about the boundaries and what they couldn’t have!

It got me thinking long and hard about our own lives with food, weight, scales, and our health.  I have a theory that the reason that diets don’t work is because we tend to focus on all of the things that we can’t have.  When we are on a diet, we often obsess, look at the “do not eat” food list, feel deprived, and honestly, feel a bit trapped.

Just like our dogs with the fence, we CRAVE freedom.  When we try to go on a diet, we often feel trapped inside of our own fence.  We are told what we can and can’t have on a diet, and at first it sounds good, but eventually, we want out!!  We want to escape the fence and run free.  That usually comes in the form of “cheating” or giving up.  We get outside of the fence and feel like we can’t control ourselves in the area of food.  We go crazy for a few hours, days, weeks, and then we get on the scale and think…OH NO!!!!

So, we walk ourselves back into the fence to try to “diet” again.

Well, we have moved out to the country, and there is not a fence here at all.  We live on some acreage and our puppies are here with us.  Guess what?  They don’t run away, they don’t run crazy, they stay close to us and are actually much more calm.  Why?  Because there isn’t a fence!!

So, are you staring to see how the fences and diets we put in our lives can often lead to more bondage?  Can you start to see why often diets don’t work?  Can you start to understand why we crave freedom in the area of food?

I want to challenge you today to live outside of the fence and NOT run around crazy.

I want to challenge you today to start to “legalize” foods that you previously had on your “don’t eat” list.

I want to challenge you today to eat a little something that you previously “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t.

I want to challenge you today to start to connect your emotional state with what you eat or what you want to eat.  You will be surprised at how these 2 usually go hand in hand.

I want to challenge you today to eat a candy bar if that is something that sounds good to you.

What? The founder of P31 Fitness is telling you to eat a candy bar?  YES!  Why? Have you ever said you were not going to eat a candy bar….and then what is the only thing you wanted??….The candy bar!!!

In P31 Fitness, we teach a system called Listen and Lose. We teach you to check your emotions. We teach you to be cautious of crazy diets and anything that causes you to get consumed with calorie counting, tracking, or restrictive eating.

Remember, the more restrictions we place on ourselves, the more bondage we often feel, and often the more opportunity we are giving ourselves to break those “rules”.


So, I want to tell you something very important today: 

  • Give yourself some grace today and have a small treat. That small treat will probably “do the trick” for you and allow you to legalize that food.
  • When we start to legalize all foods, we realize that the emotional pull to eat it, will start to go away!
  • We start to be able to escape our fence boundaries, and not feel that we have to be crazy and eat everything in site.
  • We start to live in freedom in this area of food, weight, and the scale! We start to LIVE instead of just survive.
  • We start to feel our worth isn’t determined by a number on a scale, but instead on WHO we are in Christ!!

You are worth it ladies!! You can do this!!!!

–Rachel Curtis

Founder, P31 Fitness