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October 2016

Worrying about what others think…

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We have all worried about what other people think of us at some point or another.  Maybe it is something simple like their opinion of our physical appearance, or maybe we worry about what they think about who we are, our personalities, a comment we made, etc etc etc…you name it!!

I know I can work myself into a complete mess by the thoughts that roll around in my brain… Did I say that right?  Did she think this?   Did I hurt or help this person? On and on it can go! Can you related to this self-talk?  It’s true.

We worry.

We wonder.

And it doesn’t make one bit of difference in the outcome!

All it does is make us crazy with worry and un-needed stress.  

When I came across this quote, I fell in love.

“Don’t worry about other people’s opinions of you.  God never told you to impress people, only to Love them”. 

Take a step back a minute and let this soak in!  Wow!

What is my focus?  What am I worried about in my conversations, actions, and my life?  Am I more concerned with what others think or more concerned with loving others?

So, after addressing these tough questions, I did some self check.  What I realized, is  that there is not room in your brain for you to love someone like God asks, AND also room to worry about what they think of you!  It just isn’t possible!

So, I challenge myself, and anyone reading this, to focus not on what others think of us, but instead focus in on loving people.

Loving them the way they need love.

Loving them when it is tough.

Loving them when we are hurt.

Loving them when we don’t want to.

Loving them when we are struggling.

Loving them and not worrying about what they think.

It’s hard, it’s a challenge, but I do know that it has the ability to bring amazing peace in our lives each day.

Let’s worry less, and love more!!