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November 2016

I can’t do this!!

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I can’t do this.  Hmmm…I know I have said this statement before….and I have for sure thought it!!  You? Maybe when things get tough in life, or maybe before we even start a daunting task!

I seem to learn a lot of life lessons from my kids!  The latest lesson came last week when we took our 4 kids to a water park.  The lesson I learned from my 2 year old was all about facing our fears and moving forward with confidence!

When we first arrived to see the water, slides, buckets, and more, the 2 year old watched her older brother and sister go down the slides with absolutely no fear.  She, on the other hand, had a look of absolute terror all over her face!  When I asked her if she wanted to go down the small slide – she clung to me and said “no way mommy…I not do that!”

As it didn’t matter to me one way or another, we went about spraying each other, dumping water, and just having a great time.  But I kept catching her looking over at those slides.  She would inch a little closer, a little closer, and pretty soon, she pointed to the top and said “I want to do it mommy!”.  Okay!! I was excited for her and went to go with her.  BUT…

This was one of those small kid slides that they don’t let an adult hold them on the way down – and you can’t even walk them up the 4 steps to the top of the slide.  So, I decided that the best spot for me would be at the bottom of the slide, showing her I was there for her!

She slowly climbed the stairs and looked at me again and again for some reassurance.  I was yelling with everything inside of me things like – “Go Taylor!” and “You can do it”…. She would hardly even smile – but she saw me.  She heard me.  She got to the top of the 4 stairs, and all she needed to see at the bottom were my hands and arms open and reaching for her.  Without any hesitation, she went down that slide.

She didn’t say it was fun, she hardly even smiled when she made it, but guess what?  She jumped out of that water, climbed back up those stairs, and did it again.

Every trip I would cheer her on, encourage her, and remind her that she could do it!!  Before I knew it, she was laughing, having fun, and that slide became the highlight of the day!

As I sat there and watched her, I thought about us as adults!!  How many times do we have something that we are facing and we have such fear or dread, that we can’t bring ourselves to start the task?  Or maybe we get started on something, and it feels overwhelming and HARD and so we just want to give up and stop?

BUT what happens when we get a little encouragement from someone else?

What happens when we feel supported?

What happens when we look to God for our help and support?

What happens when someone is there to assure us that it will all be okay, and they will be there every step of the way?

Well, the impossible becomes possible.  The daunting becomes doable.  The task becomes a joyful.

The day at the water slide watching Taylor get through her fear, was full of lessons that I have since used:

  • Encouragement goes a long way (for us to receive and give).
  • Supporting others on their journey is always a blessing.
  • May we try to always be excited for other’s success.
  • Our confidence needs to come from God alone!  When we have God-confidence, we can rest in the truth that He is in control!

This sweet moment with my two year old,  has taught me even more to throw away fear, and have the confidence in HIM to press on and enjoy the process. Every step of the way!!

So I encourage us all…with whatever we may be facing, to climb those stairs today, put a smile on our face, realize we have support around us,  and we CAN slide down that slide of life with a smile!!  May we always keep our eyes focused up on Him as we rest more and more in the God-confidence only He can provide!!

Never forget…You are worth it and you can do it!!

—Rachel Curtis

P31 Fitness Founder


My brain space!!!

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Do you ever fell like your brain is full?

Please share in this with me and humor me for a minute.

As in your brain is SO full that you can’t think straight or focus? Yes?  Yes? Yes?

I think some of it is just that we are women and thinking too much about everything is just what we do.  But, I also think there is a bit of overload from society too!  Life is coming at us, and coming at us FAST!  Too fast for us to even process things sometimes!

If you can relate at all – keep reading and you may hear something that can help your brain space not feel quite as full today!

Society now days is just LOUD!  

Lots of things coming at us and lots of ways for us to be contacted:






Facebook posts

Facebook groups

Facebook messenger

Work phones

Cell phones

Just to name a few!!


Hear me out -none of these things are bad, and have actually made certain parts of our life easier!

But – this my friends, is quite the list!!

Think back even 10-15 years ago – we didn’t have most of these things coming at us!

So…I think it is safe to say – we have a lot of distractions coming our way!

What does this all have to do with us as women?  What does this have to do with us and finding balance?


So, for me, I have to often take a step back and realize that my brain can get on overload if I am not careful.  Just recognizing this small fact helps me tremendously.

I can find myself feeling a bit “off-kilter” and all I have to do is think back to the last 30minutes to an hour and easily find out why.  Maybe it was an email that came in that was a bit of an attack, or maybe it was the stress of a few texts that required something of me, or maybe it was a post I saw that made me feel not good enough in comparison with whomever posted it.

Whatever it is…these were all things that I allowed to mess with my emotions.  I allowed.  An outside source caused internal overload!  Been there?

So, this week, today, this hour, I am going to be okay with slowing down, turning a few of these things “off”, taking off notifications, and quieting some of the “loud” coming my way.

It is OKAY to not be available all of the time.

It is actually good to not have our phones with us all the time.

It is OKAY to be still a bit.

It is OKAY to not be “in” everything.

It is OKAY to be see that your brain may be a bit full and that you need to make some adjustments.

For me – if I don’t make these adjustments, I will find that I am not at my best for the people and things in my life that deserve the best of me.  My husband, my kids, and certain situations that require a less empty and distracted brain!!

So today, let’s empty out our brains, turn some of the loud off, and be okay with focusing on the things that are most important in your life today!!

Be blessed ladies with more brain space!!