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December 2016

Finding peace in all the noise

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I was playing in our playroom tonight with my kids, and it was loud…very loud!

Let me paint the picture..

One child was playing Christmas music from one of those touch button books.  She was playing jingle bells over and over and over.

One child was asking for cereal to snack on.

Another was sliding down the play slide, and saying “mommy wook, mommy wook” (in her sweet little 2 year old voice that struggles with her “l” sounds!

And the baby was playing on her “noise maker walker dealy thing” that puts out all kinds of squeaks and buzzers.

It was loud.  But it was also really peaceful.  What? 

Yes – I love noisy homes.  Laughter, chaos, and lots of needy voices.  You know why?  Because in my mind, this equals family, love, and togetherness.

But something I find interesting about myself, is that I don’t like noise outside of my house.

I don’t like noisy places, concerts, busy malls, traffic, even my cell phone doesn’t make ANY noise!!  (Yes, I have turned off all notifications).

The noises outside of the parameters of my kids are just too much for me sometimes! They make me want to run and hide~

This playroom scene got me thinking about our own lives and the noise we have going on.  Most of us are busy.  Most of us have a lot of things coming at us.  Most of us are probably a bit distracted by it all.  A bit.

So why does some noise in my life bring peace and other noise makes me anxious, stressed, and a bit out of sorts?  I realized it is the purpose behind the noise.  

When my kids are making noise – it is the noise of fun, love, play….okay – sometimes not those things  🙂 BUT –  it is based on a foundation of family.  Based on a foundation of trust.  Based on a foundation of safety.

When the noises of deadlines, expectations, pressures, or any stressors come at me during my day – those noises are not peaceful.  And what is funny, is that many of these pressures are things I have brought upon myself!

It is very important that we minimize things that are causing too much noise (real noise and busy-noise)!  Maybe that is our phone, or our involvement in social media, or just the things that are filling our brains!!

So, I am aware that I need to be very cautious of the noises I allow to come into my life!  I want my “noises” to bring me peace and not anxiety.  I want the noises to be filled with joy and not stress.  I want the noises to be something I can handle.

I am not sure if you like noise or not in your life,  but when we all can take a look at what is driving the noise, we can recognize it’s purpose and then decide if it is bringing us peace or unrest!

Asking ourselves the tough questions:
– Where am I spending my time?
– What am I allowing to come into my brain and consume me?
– What can I eliminate that will make a space for me to spend more time with the Lord?

So, today, this week, let’s all get rid of those noises that may not bring peace, and create some quiet in our lives.

It’s okay to be still.

It’s okay to be quiet.

It’s okay not to be busy.

It is okay to not look at our phones all day long.  It is okay to not be on every social media outlet out there.

It is okay to miss things in life.

It’s okay to not be involved in everything going on around you.

It’s okay to be okay….


Be blessed this week with less “noise”!!!